AeroConcept System (ACS) is one of our two lines of AeroComponents.  Unlike the AeroSystem, however, ACS is uniquely designed for harmonic dampening, involving four elements, three of which are familar to most—an arrow shaft, an insert, and a point—and what we call a "carbon inner tube."  Learn more about the science behind the ACS on the AeroFlight page.  For more about our basic serieses, click here.

AeroInsert-H (AIH)

Taking advantage of Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8,403,777) from AeroInsert-A which improves arrow self-concentricity as well as Double Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8,337,342) from the now discontinued AeroInsert-D, AeroInsert-H for "hybrid" is truly the best of both worlds.

Carbon Inner Tubes (CTIs)

While the addition of a CTI strengthens and stiffens (an) end(s) of an arrow without adding too much weight to an entire shaft, it's primary advatange is in it's creation of a variable spine.  In sum, with such a spine, an arrow's flexing cycles are reduced and begin to fly straight faster, resulting in a more efficient flight. 

AeroConcept Points (ACPs)

A fusion of AeroInsert-H and AeroPoint, AeroConcept Points feature all the same benefits of our hybrid insert but in a glue-in field point.  ACP2 is designed for use with variable FACT-equipped weights which can be installed and replaced at will using our AeroConcept Point Weight Installation Tool (ACPWTL).