0.246” ID Hunting Arrows

Standard Build VS Scientific Arrow Process


The .246 diameter hunting shaft is the standard size that bowhunters have used since carbon arrows became popular.

In addition to SportWeave, Easton, Carbon Tech, Black Eagle and Gold Tip I was able to add AeroWeave - Firenock's premium shaft and Victory Vforce V1 shafts to the testing which gives us a broader spectrum of arrows to view.

The PINK line. I was asked by a representative of Zinger Vanes to use their product for this test. I watched the installation video on their website and "fletched them" at 1", 1.5" and 2" from the base of the nock. As you can see, I didn't have very good results. the 3 arrows that I used hit the dirt at 51, 48 and 49 yards. I can only surmise that they aren't made to shoot far distances.

Like with the .204 shafts, the Scientific Arrow Process of making arrows gives better results than the Standard arrow build.

Also, like with the .166 shafts, the Concept 1.0 built arrows out perform all other arrows made.

It's interesting to note that even at 20 yards, there is a difference of approximately 4% velocity difference between the least velocity loss and the most velocity lost. At 40 yards the difference is about 7% and at 100 yards it's a whopping 22% plus difference!