All Firenock® brand products have an unconditional no-fault warranty and unconditional refund from the date of purchase for 30 days.  Our warranty is only valid for products sold directly from Firenock LLC in the USA (i.e. Firenock web store) or from Firenock LLC authorized and/or certified pro shop who may choose to offer this through them.  Firenock LLC cannot and will not overwrite each dealer's refund/return policy.  Lost products or Firenock lighted nocks used in any bow fishing application without Firenock LLC approved arrows or adapters fall out of the unconditional warranty.  For any unconditional no-fault warranty claim(s), please send in your claim product to Firenock LLC, 511 Robert Street, Henry, Illinois 61537-1146 within the first 30 days.  Your Firenock brand product will be replaced and/or repaired free of charge.  The unconditional refund is only offered to customers who send back the product(s) purchased from Firenock LLC directly (i.e. Firenock web store) within the first 30 days.

Does adding/upgrade to Firenock product(s) void you factory warranty?  In United States, in order for the manufacturer of a warranted product to void or deny warranty coverage of a repair due to the use of an aftermarket part, the manufacturer must provide proof that the aftermarket part is the cause of the necessary repair.  These rights are protected under the Consumer Products Warranty Act of 1975 (also referred to as the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act).

Firenock Lighted Nock Lifetime Unlimited Replacement / Side-Grade Service

For up to 30 days after date of purchase, your Firenock lighted nock(s) is/are covered by our Lifetime Replacement / Refresh / Side-Grade Service, depending on what Firenock lighted nocks you bought.  These services are only available for customers in USA.

  •    Lifetime Replacement / Refresh : For a small fee (see below), we will repair and/or replace your old Firenock.
  •    Side-Grade : Just send in your old Firenock and we will replace it to the nock style, nock color, circuit function according to your wish with a small fee (see below for fee).  For example, if you want to change circuit style due to using different internal diameter arrows (e.g. from "A" style nock and "N" series circuit to "G" style nock and "Z" series circuit ).  Or if you prefer a different function circuit (e.g. from hunting red to target blue).

To enjoy these services, please send us your old Firenock lighted circuit, filled-out refresh order form (click to download refresh order form in pdf) specifying what you would like (nock style, nock color, circuit LED color, circuit function) and any finds (see below for details) in a padded envelope to Firenock LLC, 511 Robert Street Henry IL 61537-1146.  Any Firenock circuits not received in a padded envelope are not covered by this service.
Under this service, if you do not specify your preferences in the refresh order form, a red color nock with similar nock style as well as the same size and function circuit with a red LED color will be sent to you.  Please do not send any O-rings, batteries, end caps, or tools.  If you need them, please fill in the refresh order form as batteries, O-rings, and end caps are considered consumable.  We cannot be responsible for anything that is not part of this service.  These services are subject to change and terminate without notice.

Price listed below included handling and return shipping fee:
            $10.00 for 1 Firenock lighted nock (i.e. 1 nock and 1 circuit)
            $25.00 for 3 Firenock lighted nocks (i.e. 3 nocks and 3 circuits)

Additional accessories can be purchased at the following price along with the Lifetime Replacement / Refresh / Side Grade Service without extra handling and shipping fee:
            $10.95 for battery pack [BR] or [BL] (3 pcs per pack)
            $15.95 for battery pack [BU] (3 pcs per pack)
            $9.95 for Extreme Shock End Cap pack [XA], [X0], etc. (3 pcs per pack with tool)
            $9.95 for polycarbonate nock pack [GR], [SR]. etc. (7 pcs per pack)
            $2.00 for O-rings pack [OB], [OA], [OE], [OAx], [OEx], etc. (7 pcs per pack)
            $5.00 for O-rings pack [OC] (for "F", "M" or old crossbow "C" style)
            $10.95 for cyanoacrylate (CA) end cap glue [AG0GEL]