Today, unfortunately, much of the ins and outs of the archery industry are heavily driven by price point items.  Further, most transactions between people within our community are only a literal monetary one from the shelf to a shopping cart.

Fortunately here at Firenock LLC, we have had and cultivate a different mentality. 

Instead of putting our money and efforts into marketing ads, we put them into the design of our products and the training of our pro shops.  For us, saying "we make something better" wasn't and isn't enough. Because while we definitely do make something better, we understand that it is important also to make sure that our customers know how and why our products are better.  Further, we want to make sure that our customers also know how to use our products.  The most obvious example of how we accomplish this is our products are only available in Firenock certified pro shops.  To become a Firenock pro-shop, techs must undergo a minimum of five hours intensive hands-on training and techs are required to keep up with the updates we distribute out throughout the year.  We believe only those who have invested and will invest their time to become Firenock pro shop techs, they can and provide customers with an in-depth understanding of Firenock products and make archery set-up better with Firenock products.  We want Firenock Pro Shops can build something with and for their customers, not just selling an item off the shelf to a customer.

Become a Firenock Pro Shop!

If you have an archery shop, believe in the things discussed above, and are interested in becoming a certified Firenock Pro Shop, please contact  We'd love to have you as a part of the Firenock family!


What if I can't get to a D/E class? 

That's okay!

From the very beginning, every Dealer/Enthusiast class has been recorded and uploaded onto Youtube for your convenience.  For our international or busy dealers and/or enthusiasts, we offer this alternative:

  1. Watch an entire series of videos (we highly recommend watching the most recent series [which is conveniently linked as a playlist on the right] AND taking good notes)
  2. Contact us to test all you learned!