Aluminum Slant Spacers

These spacers are a companion product to most broadheads and field points. 0.5mm thick, these spacers are “slanted” in shape, with one side boasting a diameter of 8mm and the other 9mm. With this unique design, one can easily relieve the diameter difference between common vertical bow arrows (8mm) and crossbow arrows (9mm), and vice versa.  For long-term durability and good looks, these 0.82+/-0.03 grain spacers are made of 7075-T5 Aluminum and are Type II hard anodized. Available in packs of six. 

Copper Crush Spacers

Many field points and broadheads on the market are not exactly the same weight as claimed. Some 100 grain broadheads are actually 96 grain, and we’ve found some up to 8 grains heavier than advertised. We also noticed that some inserts are not deep enough to accommodate a point, causing a small gap to appear. To address these issues, we now offer Copper Crush Spacers. Available in four sizes—[1] 1.0mm or 4.0-4.5gn, [2] 1.3mm or 5.0-5.5gn, [3] 1.5mm or 6.7-7.2gn, and [4] 1.8mm or 7.7-8.2gn.

Titanium Spacers

As their label suggests, these spacers are designed to perfectly align your broadhead according to your own personal configurations. See, often times, when you fully screw in your broadhead into an insert, the broadhead will not sit where you’d like it to. Available in packs of 12 and in six sizes—0.10mm, 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, and 0.50mm—these GR2 Titanium spacers all weigh less than a grain and will give just enough leeway to turn a broadhead that much less/more.