Scorpyd™ Upgrades

Scorpyd crossbows are the current all around crossbow speed champions. Over the years, several factory components on and off have left space for upgrades and customization. Some accessories we offer for this series include: AeroBolt®, Firenock®, AeroRest™, Picatinny Rails and Trigger Guards.

The Firenock Arrow

The Firenock AeroBolt Series (II & III) crossbow arrows are an original factory option at purchase for any Scorpyd crossbow. For those who want to use the Scorpyd for ultra big game, the AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer is also available.

Note : Like all common crossbow arrows on the market, the internal diameter of all AeroBolts is 0.300” for simple and easy nock style and crossbow exchanges.

The Firenock

As of 2020, Firenock offers a total of 15 nock styles. Of those, two cover all current styles of Scorpyd Series Crossbows. Since the beginning of the Firenock and Scorpyd collaboration almost a decade ago, the “Q” nock has been this series’s standard.

When the Scorpyd DeathStalker was introduced in 2018 however, we learned that the standard “Q” nock (0.145” ID throat) was not suitable. For with this style’s semi-railless system and the “Q” nock’s slightly larger throat, there was nothing to guide the arrow after a certain point. Therefore the “U” (0.135” ID throat) was utilized to solve this need.

Finally, like all of our Firenock styles, “Q” and “U” are offered in a plethora of colors. With three options for color of nock and six options for color of LED, there is a total of 18 color combinations for each style. Additionally, there are up to three different functions of light (solidly lit, solidly lit for 6 seconds and then blink, and auto shut-off after 17 seconds).

The Firenock AeroRest

With the introduction of crossbow cranks, the need for even more accuracy via the control of an arrow rest becomes evident. Since Scorpyd crossbows also use the standard cock vane down configuration as the Ravin crossbows, this series, with a simple adaptor, can utilize any of the AeroRest: RAV Series arrow rests. Please note that this AeroRest mount will only work with certain Aluminum Barrel Scorpyd crossbows, carbon barrel crossbow like the DeathStalker do not have the same front end to allow the AeroRest Mount to be used.

The AeroCrank Upgrade Kits

The AeroCrank-AD, designed patented and manufactured by Firenock, is compatible with any and most Scorpyd crossbows. Additionally, every Scorpyd crossbow comes standard with titanium fasteners installed.


The first custom upgrade to the original foregrip is the tactical track rail. There are two upgrade options available to cover all Scorpyd Series Crossbows. Both rails consists of a full rail that covers the entire front lower part of a Scorpyd Crossbow and also boast a 5/16-24 thread hole for those who are looking to put a stabilizer system on their decked-out crossbow. The differences between the two options are that those for the 2016-18 styles come with two titanium screws to fit the barrel perfectly and weight only 1.7 oz, while those for the DeathStalker/Nemesis only come with one due to the style’s lack of a protruded riser. Also, due to this lack, a trigger block was added to the Deathstalker/Nemesis version.

Note : Due to the fact that both Picatinny Rail upgrades require the removal of the factory trigger guard, the purchase of a custom Firenock Skeletonized Aluminum Trigger Guard is required as well.

Trigger Guard

The Skeletonized Aluminum Trigger Guard is the second custom upgrade for the original Scorpyd Crossbow with aluminum barrels foregrip. The companion piece to both tactical track rails, this guard is not only good looking, but also weighs only 1.2 oz. Due to the modular capacity of the Picatinny system, this guard can be installed according to personal preference.

Folding Foregrip

The Picatinny Folding Foregrip is the third and final custom upgrade to the original foregrip. Made ultra lightweight with glass-filled nylon, it is 4.6 oz.  All hardware is made of GR5 Titanium. Finally, again designed to be used on the Picatinny rails, this foregrip can be installed where comfortable under the crossbow.

For the older Scorpyd bows like the RDT, Telson, Ventilator, Orion/Extreme, Velocity, etc., all the above accessories can also be installed with modifications like cutting the current stock, drilling, and/or tapping new holes.  Below is a picture and list of what can be done to a Ventilator:

  • AeroCrank-AD with slim sled with a long ADF pin
  • Off-center back screws stock (pre-2015)
  • Picatinny rails
  • Trigger guard
  • Folding foregrip
  • Stabilizer mount with sling mount