AeroInsert-H for 0.202" - 0.207" ID Arrows (12)

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AeroInsert H for 0.202-0.207" class ID is specially made to fit shaft like Firenock AeroWeave 204 and is available in many materials and weight. This dual patented design is which provides self-concentricity, reliability, and harmonic dampening to the arrow shafts to address the need for any high-performance archery projectile.  AIH20A/S/T must use CTI200 carbon inner tube at 7.7 gpi in order to function properly.
AIH2LA/S/T series of insert use a lighter weight carbon inner tube CTI20L, at 4.0 gpi; if a ligther final arrow weight is desired.

Features of AeroInsert H:

  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Double Shoulder Technology
  • Extra-large adhesive surface for strength and stability
  • AeroConcept System ready
  • CNC machined for extra hardness and accuracy
  • Accept ATA 8-32 standard threads field point and broadhead
  • Designed in US Illinois and US Patented (#8337342, and #8403777)


  • 12 x AeroInsert-H for 0.202"-0.204" ID arrow shafts
    • The following must use CTI200 carbon tube at 7.7 gpi in order to function properly
      • AIH20A - 16gn 7075-T5 Aluminium
      • AIH20S - 52gn 303 Stainless
      • AIH20T - 28gn GR5 Titanium


  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation
  • Use ACT(Arrow chamfering tool) for perfect self-concentric installation
  • For best result use Firenock (AGUSSE) ultra slow set epoxy for installation