Why Firenock?

Firenock® is not just a lighted nock company.

Since our founding almost fifteen years ago, Firenock has branched into nearly every realm of the archery business.  Now awarded with 41 US patents and counting, it is obvious that Firenock is not only “The Most Advanced Lighted Nock.”  Today, boasting over 500 products  we are “The Science of Archery.” 

This new tagline, in sum, means that everything we do and put out is founded from our unique take on archery–that archery is, in fact, a science i.e., an enterprise that’s knowledge should be systematically tested, shared, compared, and pushed to its limits. Why? Because so much of archery involves science, physics especially. Each time you pull your bow or crossbow back, there are dozens of forces working together (and unfortunately, more often than not, not working together) to ultimately launch a high-speed, high-energized projectile over space. Shouldn’t, then, the variables that cause those very forces to begin with be optimized? Every element, from the bow itself to the smallest arrow component, matters. 

For so long, many of archery’s methods and techniques have been unchallenged. The processes used today to prepare and build full setups have been unchanged for decades. And worse, when problems inevitably arose, like those that did when the speed threshold passed 315fps, they were solved with simple stopgaps. Firenock has always stood for and done the opposite. 

With each and every advancement, Firenock has done extensive research on what existed and what exists. We survey hobbyists to archery Olympic Gold-medalists and ask what works and what does not work. Then, once we build working prototypes from the functional and non-functional requirements rendered via those investigations, we test them. Over and over, making slight alterations each time. Because, as aforementioned, we view archery as a science and as any good scientists would do, our “hypotheses” are highly scrutinized before publication. Therefore, when a Firenock product is revealed, it is because and only because it is the best iteration of that product possible. In fact, they are at least fifty percent better–via design, feature, and/or material–than anything that existed prior. The only updates or revisions that occur post are when archery paradigms like typical use cases shift and evolve.

Firenock’s online presence has evolved along with the growth of ecommerce.  Now, post-2020, the world arguably shops more online than they do in person. On firenock.com, customers can learn all about our products and purchase them in the same place.  And, with the help of our custom product selectors such as the Firenock Arrow Component Selector (FACS) and the Titanium Upgrade Kit Selector (TUKS) or our comprehensive crossbow accessory guides, we truly believe our customers can become a Archery Scientists.

Firenock Arrow Component Selector

Firenock LLC started as a lighted nock company in 2006. And since then, there have been thousands of combinations of Firenock lighted nock systems alone. But we are not just a lighted nock company.  With Firenock, of course, along with AeroBushing, Aerovane II & Aerovane III, AeroWeave, SportWeave, AeroOutsert, AeroInsert-A, Carbon Inner Tubes, AeroInsert-H, AeroPoint, AeroConcept Points, the Destroyer Series, SwingBlade, the Stalker Series, the Stalker SwingBlades, Daggers, and Traumahawk, we’ve covered the arrow from end to end. But then, with so many products, how do you know which works for you? 

The F.A.C.S. was designed to be as intuitive of an app as possible. There are just three steps to get to your exact arrow’s Firenock products.

  1. Choose your arrow manufacturer from the first dropdown. Note that we do not make components for every arrow from every manufacturer. However, if your arrow is made by a different manufacturer than those listed, please contact us to double check if we have a modification method that would work for you. 
  2. Next, select your arrow’s model from the second dropdown. Make sure that you have the exact name because some manufacturers have serieses of the same title with only slight differences e.g. Carbon Express’s Maxima Hunter, Maxima Hunter KV, etc. 
  3. In the case of crossbow arrows, a third dropdown will appear. To get the correct Firenock lighted nock system recommendation especially, it is crucial that the exact crossbow intended for use is selected. For example, with the “D,” “D2,” and “D3” nock styles, they have slight but significant differences. All three nocks have the same 0.165” serving at the nock throat but while “D” has a 0.298” ID, both “D2” and “D3” have a 0.300” ID. Further, while “D” and “D2” have long prongs, “D3” has short prongs to avoid contact with certain triggers / anti-dry-fire (ADF) systems. 
  4. After results populate, an image of the correct arrow will appear as well as some of its specifications like spine, OD, GPI, etc. Double check these details for the best match. 
  5. The arrow components list itself offers helpful information including high resolution images of every applicable item as well as a direct link to their specific product pages.

Titanium Upgrade Kit Selector

Firenock has offered customized titanium upgrade kits since 2014.  We believe that every bow on the market will benefit from the upgrade. Therefore, we designed and developed the T.U.K.S., or Titanium Upgrade Kit Selector, to help customers quickly find the perfect kit for their bow.

Just like the F.A.C.S., this selector has been designed to be as intuitive as possible.  And again, there are just two plus one steps to find your exact bow's titanium upgrade kit.

  1. Choose your bow manufacturer from the first dropdown. Note that we do not make kits for every bow from every manufacturer. However, if your arrow is made by a different manufacturer than those listed, please contact us! We are constantly adding to and updating our database. 
  2. Next, select your bow's or crossbow's MFD or manufacture date from the second dropdown. Make sure that you have the exact year because some manufacturers have serieses of the same title but with but significant differences from year to year.
  3. Finally, a third dropdown will appear.  This list should include all bows or crossbows from the selected manufacturer from the selected year.  Again, it is crucial to select the exact one as there are some series even from the same year with similar names e.g., PSE Performance XE and Performance ME or Mathews TRG and TRX.
  4. After results populate, an image of the correct bow will appear as well as a comprehensive list of the numbers and types of fasteners that can be found on your specific bow e.g., 2 x cam stop screws or 4 limb pocket bottom screw.  
  5. The bow fastener list itself offers helpful information including an importance rating as well as a general weight comparison (OEM vs. titanium).

Specific Crossbow Accessory Guides

While a crossbow is one of the only things we have not yet built, we offer several updates and accessories for some of the most popular ones on the market today.  Find our comprehensive buying guides for the PSE TAC crossbows here, the Ravin crossbows here, and the Scorpyd crossbows here.

In conclusion, we at Firenock LLC sincerely hope that our intentionality provides our customers with a better understanding as well as appreciation of the world of The Science of Archery™.

archeryscientist.pngDorge Huang, Archery Scientist