Carbon Inner Tubes (CTIs)

Highly modular, Firenock Carbon Inner Tubes are engineered to perfectly mate with AeroInsert-H to form the AeroConcept System. The AeroConcept System strengthens and stiffens (i.e. increases the spine) (an) end(s) of your arrow without adding too much weight to the entire shaft. This tube transforms your arrow, making it an arrow with a variable spine, promoting the initiation of harmonic dampening leading to oscillation cancellation (i.e. your arrow reduces flexing cycles and begins to fly straight faster). Furthermore, though they come to you with a length of 6 inches, you cut down a Catbon Inner Tube’s length to precisely adjust the weight of your entire arrow (e.g. a longer tube for a greater weight, strength and faster arrow straightness recovery & vice versa). 

Caution: Carbon Inner Tubes should not be any longer than 45% of the length of a complete arrow.