Destroyer™ Series

Loaded with every technology available for AeroInserts and AeroPoints used so far, the Destroyer Series components meet the challenge of the harsh environment of Hunter and Pro Class 3D competitions head on. 

In total, there are three patents represented in the Destroyer Series.  Starting with the AeroInserts, there are two technologies included in its design.  Boasting the same technologies as the AeroInsert-H, Reverse Tapered Technology (US Patent # 8403777) and Double Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8337342), the Destroyer AeroInserts are also equipped with a forward 40 degree angle (marked in green) to perfectly mate with its AeroPoint counterpart which shoulder is at a reverse 40 degree angle (marked in blue).  Additionally, the AeroPoints utilize the same FACT (US Patent # 8337341) Double O-ring System as our other AeroPoints. 

Past all the awesome advantages packed into these components, we ensured that the Destroyer Series would be compatible with the AeroConcept System. With the installation of either the CTI300 (for 300” ID) or the CTI310 (for 315” ID) respectively, you can additionally experience the power of harmonic cancellation, shaft oscillation reduction, as well as a stronger frontal end. 


Currently offered components are built to fit either shafts with a 0.300” ID or a 0.315” ID. Examples of popular arrows with a 0.300” ID include Firenock AeroWeave300 or SportWeave300 and Gold Tip 22 Series. Examples of popular arrows with a 0.315” ID include the Black Eagle PS23 or Challenger, the Carbon-Express CXL, the Element Rock, or the Easton Fatboy (note that the Easton SuperDrive 23 and the Gold Tip 9.3 are not included in this list because they have a 0.320” ID). Firenock Destroyer AeroInserts are available in stainless steel and GR5 titanium. Destroyer AeroPoints, on the other hand, are only available in stainless steel and have an outer diameter of 6 mm. In terms of weight, our four AeroPoints come in 45 to 75 grain.