The first Blunt Force Trauma based broadhead that is not meant to simply pass through the animal, but to transfer maximum kinetic energy when impacting game.  Traumahawk is designed to deliver maximum blow by efficient transfer of kinetic energy to the game. Thus Traumahawk is named after a North American Indian’s lethal weapon the “Tomahawk”.

Extra heavy weight and construction

Each Traumahawk weighs 175 grain and is made of solid Stainless steel.  Traumahawk is a piece of ultra-precision high pressed casting in order to give it molecular directional strength.  This casting method made Traumahawk much stronger and stiffer than typical bar stock machined or Metal Injection Molding process. 

Gyro effect and maximum energy transfer

Traumahawk is equipped with 40 degree single beveled edges on both sides to maximize self-propel effect when impacting game.  The majority of the weight of Traumahawk is on the outer perimeter of the broadhead, so when spinning at high speed, this design will further enhance the Gyro effect for bolts fletched with Aerovane III. As Traumahawk is designed to transfer energy, not to cut.  The blade edges of Traumahawk are not razor sharp, but one can sharpen the blade if desired.  

FACT Technology

To ensure concentricity, Traumahawk is equipped with FACT™ (Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology, US Patent # 8337341) which the 2 O-rings on the neck of the Traumahawk makes it self concentric to the arrow shaft perfectly.


  • 3 pcs Traumahawk 175 grian broadhead


  • Traumahawk is meant to be used on crossbows that can deliver over 135lb KE (365fps or more) and is designed to totally punch through the game at any entry position. Please refer to Traumahawk home page for more details.
  • One can use 175 grain field point as practise point for Tramuhawk broadhead.