Aerovane® Jig

Aerovane Jig is an advanced piece of equipment designed for perfectly fletching and re-fletching vanes and is the only jig that can unleash the full potential of the Firenock Aerovane. Like other Firenock products, Aerovane Jig can be customized with multiple genuine Firenock accessories to fit your needs. Learn about all of them below. 


 Part Summary List 

  1. Aerovane Jig Clamp 
  2. Aerovane Jig Body 
  3. Aerovane Jig 4-Way Adjustable Neck 
  4. Aerovane Jig Production Neck* 
  5. Aerovane Jig Base 
  6. Aerovane Jig Fixed Chucks 
  7. Aerovane Jig Slide Hooks 
  8. Aerovane Jig Indexes 
  9. Aerovane Jig Water Leveler 
  10. Long Feather Adapter 
  11. Laser Alignment Module 
  12. Aerovane Fletching Flask Set*
  13. Aerovane Jig Carrying Case*

*not shown


1. Aerovane Jig Clamp : Though initially similar to other magnetic based clamps, the Aerovane Jig Clamp is made of high precision die-cast 303 Stainless Steel and then machined with a straightness of at least 0.001”. For the pivot point, our clamp has two ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearings installed for smooth operation, precision, and durability. Finally, with two 1/16” bars machined into its body, this clamp is the only one on the market that can successfully fletch Aerovane. 

2. Aerovane Jig Body : This component is made from machined CNC Aluminum. The core of the system, this precise piece of equipment is outfitted with super strong neodymium magnetics to pair perfectly with the Aerovane Jig Clamp every time. For 2020, a protruding bump above the index was added to ensure positive contact even for larger diameter target arrow such as the 27/64” class. 

3-5. Aerovane Jig Necks & Base : Made from premium materials like aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, the 4-Way Adjustable Neck allows for infinite re-positioning of the Aerovane Jig. The Product Neck, however, is offered for those who wise to mount several jigs to a worktable or fletching turntable. Both necks are compatible with the Aerovane Jig Base. 

6. Aerovane Jig Fixed Chucks : The Aerovane Jig Series offers nine fixed chucks, including a pin nock chuck and standard nock chuck. All 303 Stainless Steel bodies are tapered and precisely machined to ensure zero play with the index plug. Additionally, chucks designed for contact with an arrow shaft are equipped with three O-rings for perfect alignment and snuggliness. 

7. Aerovane Jig Slide Hooks : All five Aerovane Jig Support Hooks are made of aluminum, precision machined, anodized in different colors for easy identification, and fitted with ball bearings as well as brass shoulder bolts for smooth operation and zero tolerance. Note that all hooks allow an offset of up to 1.5 degrees. This eliminates the need for magnet adjustment (+/- 0.25 degrees due to eyeballing). We recommend offset fletching only for those who shoot slower speed arrows and/or use other vanes beside Aerovane. 

8. Aerovane Jig Indexes : At purchase the Aerovane Jig comes standard with a 3-index installed, allowing one to fletch in a three vane configuration only (0°, 120°, & 240)°. For those who want to fletch multiple configurations, (2, 3, 4, bow-tie, etc.), we also offer a 7-index option (0°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 180°, 240°, & 270°). 

9. Aerovane Jig Water Leveler : In any fletching scenario involving the use of a low viscosity glue (such as the AG0600), a precise water leveler is important. Aerovane Jig Water Leveler is our solution. At its core a solid piece of machined aluminum, this leveler also features four custom ball bearings and a brass knob. With its open modern design, this leveler with hold onto and swing on an arrow smoothly. 

10. Long Feather Adapter : The Long Feather Adapter, as its name suggests, can be attached to the Aerovane Jig to allow it to handle long vanes and feathers up to 5.25” long. Designed to work with all Aerovane Jig hooks and chucks, this adapter is a perfect companion accessory and great tool for your shop. 

11. Laser Alignment Module : Developed to assist with re-fletching vanes, the Laser Alignment Module makes the alignment process effortless. The three-lens optic system emits a straight, thin red laser, allowing for easy re-checking of your entire setup. With just your eyes and this module, vane, shaft, clamp, and jig alignment accuracy is possible up to 1/4- 1/16 of a degree. Note that this laser with the PAPS Mounting Module, is also effective for dynamic bend indexing. AAA batteries required, not included. 

12. Aerovane Fletching Flask Set : We at Firenock believe that acetone is the best medium to clean and prepare arrow shafts for fletching and re-fletching. Thus, for those who agree, we offer the Aerovane Fletching Flask Set. Guaranteed to be acetone safe, our set includes one 125ml (~4oz) and two 500 ml (~16 oz) flasks. See the Aerovane Fletching Procedure for more information on how we recommend using this set.

13. Aerovane Jig Carrying Case : For protection and ease of use, the Aerovane Jig Carrying Case is made with rip-stop fabric, fitted with water-cut foam, and equipped with extra large zippers. Proudly made in the USA, the foam is custom designed to securely stow away each and every piece of the Aerovane Jig plus a small bottle of acetone. Double-sided, a zipper allows the separation of the essential components from the accessories for when on the go.