Complete Packs

Designed to suit every hunter or competitor’s needs, the Firenock lighted nock system has tens of thousands of possible combinations.  For convenience, three and six system packs are available in each of the fifteen nock styles in at least three colors (red, clear, and green) and in up to four function options (“h” hunting, “t” target, “ht” hunting & target, and “i” intermittent/blinking.)  Every component is also available in separate packs to allow for complete customization.  Find our list of complete packs below.

34 x Firenock Packs (3) : A3h-B, A3h-G, A3h-R, C3h-G, C3h-R, D3h-i, D3h-R, D23h-R, D23i-R, D33h-R, E3h-G, E3h-R, F3h-G, F3h-R, G3h-G, G3h-R, J3i-R, J3h-R, J3h-G, M3h-R, M3h-G, S3h-B, S3h-G, S3h-R, Q3i-R, Q3h-R, Q3h-G, U3h-G, U3h-R, U3i-R, V3h-G, V3h-R, Y3h-G, & Y3h-R
9 x Firenock Packs (6) : A6ht-R, D6ht-R, D26ht-R, E6ht-R, G6ht-R, J6ht-R, Q6ht-R, S6ht-R, & U6ht-R