AeroConcept Point v2.0 Weight (12)

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AeroConcept™ weight can be Any AeroConcept Point v2.0 system.  This add a lot more flexibility to the already great system.  Although ACP is a glue in point and has a hollow structure, the weiight can be added to the point by threading into the back of the AeroConcept v2.0 Glue-In Points.  AeroConcept POint weight and be a specific weight, by sutilize our patent pending  dual O-ring weight.


  • 12 pcs AeroConcept Point weight in 10, 20, 30, and 40 grains (in aluminum or brass)


  • 1/8" Hex key of arrow length is need to add, exchange, or remove AeroConcept Weight./li>