AeroConcept Point for 0.300" (12)

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AeroConcept™ Point v2.0(ACP) add a lot more flexibility to the already great system.  Although ACP is a glue in point and has a hollow structure, we added thread which can accept AeroConcept Weight system.  Unlike other components, ACP can mate directly with AeroConcept Carbon Inner Tube to form AeroConcept System (i.e. ACP is a fusion of AeroPoint and AeroInsert) and be a specific weight, the addition to the dual O-ring weight changing system make a static system flexible,
Like all ACP, this also featured with Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology for perfect alignment and concentricity and Double Shoulder Technology for AeroConcept System ready.

Features of AeroConcept Point for 0.300" ID

  • Double Shoulder Technology (AeroConcept System ready)
  • Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology
  • Extra large adhesive surface for strength and stability
  • CNC machined and extra hardness for accuracy and durability
  • Can accept weight from AeroConcept Weight (sold separately)
  • Designed in US Illinois and US Patent
  • Weight:
    • 40gn for 0.300" ID Shaft or commonly know as 23/64" (Fireniock AW30 & SW30, GT series 22)


  • 12 pcs AeroConcept Point


  • Carbon Inner Tube
    • ACP30S must use with CTI30L in order to form AeroConcept System.
  • As ACP has Reverse Tapered Collar Technology, AeroChamfering tool is recommended to chamfer the shaft first before gluing for guaranteed concentricity and perfect alignment.
  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation.
  • Use slow set epoxy for installation (e.g Firenock Aerovane Epoxy AGUSSE), otherwise AeroConcept System could not perform its designed result.