PSE® TAC Upgrades

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The PSE TAC crossbows, though now discontinued, are still many an archer's go-to.  To supplement and optimize your favorite crossbow, we offer many accessories: AeroBolt®, Firenock®, AeroRest™, Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kits, and Titanium cable guards with rollers.

The Firenock Arrow for TAC

The TAC10 crossbow needs a 24.25" projectile and for the TAC15, 15i, Elite, and Ordnance crossbows, a 26.25" projectile.  Custom-built, the Firenock AeroBolt II Series crossbow arrows can be cut down to any length and thus can be used on any PSE TAC crossbow.  Additionally, all AeroBolts, at purchase, can be  of 3 or 4 vanes (i.e. TAC specific "bowtie" configuration to clear the scope rail).  For those who want to use the TAC for ultra big game, the AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer is also available.  

Note : Like all common crossbow arrows on the market, the internal diameter of all Aerobolt is 0.300" for simple and easy nock style and crossbow exchanges.

The Firenock for TAC

As of today, Firenock offers a total of 14 nock styles.  Of those 14, two  are well suited for the TAC Series Crossbows.  As always, to ensure that the system will shoot correctly, it is necessary for the nock to clip onto the string perfectly.   For all TAC crossbows which boast a 0.165" OD serving, "D" and "D2" are the best options.  Between the two, the only difference is the required arrow shaft ID and thus the arrow that you decide to use along with our lighted nock system. To be more specific, "D" has a 0.298" ID, which fits the PSE TAC factory crossbow arrows, while "D2" has a 0300" ID (which perfectly matches AeroBolts, for example).

For those who decide to use the Firenock with TAC factory arrows, it is important to note that the process of installation is a little more involved than usual.  Due to the fact that TAC factory arrows come with basic components already installed via glue, it is sometimes harmful and in some instances impossible to remove them.  Nonetheless, for those who decide to try to remove the original components and succeed, please install a Carbon Express CXL 250 bull-dog collar.  Often, even when one is able to clear the back of the arrow, it can become flimsy and cause the Firenock to shuffle into the shaft and ultimately destroy both the shaft and the Firenock itself.  

Finally, like many of our Firenock styles, "D" and "D2" are offered in a plethora of colors. With three options for color of nock and six options for color of LED, there is a total of 18 color combinations for each style.  Additionally, there are up to three different functions of light: solidly lit, solidly lit for 6 seconds and then blink, and auto shut-off 17 seconds after fired.

The Firenock AeroRest for TAC

Many who had used the PSE TAC crossbows for long range precision shooting understand it takes a lot of effort to tune one. A specific problem that arises is that, unfortunately, because of the short-lived nature of the factory rest, accuracy suffers as the rest wears. Fortunately however, due to Firenock's patented three-fingered AeroRests’ core material being ceramic, wear is not an issue.


Please note that, due to its unique design, all projectiles using AeroRest (ARTAC0) on a TAC crossbow must have a three vanes configuration with cock vane up.  Due to this requirement, some alterations must be made to the crossbow.  Particularly, 1.75" of the scope rail must be cut off.  Then, due to the now very short scope rail, something such as the HHA optimizer must be purchased and installed.  A sample photo of this entire set-up [minus the AeroRest] is shown above.)

Titanium Fastener Kit for TAC

Here, while its light weight is indeed utilized as shown above with a 50% reduction in weight, titanium's rigidity is the less known but much more significant characteristic. Although admittedly acknowledged and employed for years, the application of it within the archery sphere has only been correctly apprehended by Firenock.  See, with such rigidity, overall vibration is minimized which leads to the consumption of excess energy.  Why might you want to have excess energy absorbed?   Because then your bow will then shake less and shoot calmer.

Cable Guard with Rollers for TAC

 For those who love the PSE TAC but are unhappy with about how the two main cables can rub against each other, we at Firenock now offer a solution. Our upgrade kit replaces the clunky factory aluminum cable bumpers with two custom-designed GR5 titanium bars, two LimbSaver string stops, and two nylon cable rollers.  This system minimizes cable wear and friction (with up to 5fps gain), and is also lighter than what the factory offers.

There are two kits available for the same price of $119.95.  One kit is for the TAC15 Elite or Ordnance which can be distinguished by its longer titanium bars. And in the other kit, the one for the TAC10, TAC15, and TAC15i, those titanium bars are nearly hollow.  Both kits, of course, include all six components and can work for both three and four vane configurations.  It is, however, especially designed with the Aerovane II in mind (see the middle photo).