Loaded with Square in a Circle Technology (US Patent # 8591152) and Reverse Tapered “Umbrella” Collar Technology (US Patent # 9212875), AeroBushings address the need for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectiles on the nock side.


Traditionally, uni-bushings are made from bar stock, often weighing about 20- 32 grain, and manufactured on a screw machine which only provides, at best, an approximate fit. Commonly, target archers will attempt to alleviate this problem by using materials like plastic bags to shim-fit a bushing however this approach is never consistent. Square in a Circle Technology is based off of the concept of “a square peg in a round hole,” and is indeed our unique take on uni-bushings. Made of CNC machined aluminum, we created the perfect “square” to fit the diameter of your “circle” or arrow, to ensure your arrow is concentric. 



Additionally, our patented Reverse Tapered “Umbrella” Collar Technology assists in the enforcement of your arrow to minimize the possibility of carbon fiber fray due to back hits. See the bottom of page 14 for information on how to prepare your shaft. 

AeroBushing can be used with nocks with a 0.202” to 0.204” OD, but was specially designed with Firenock style “A” nocks in mind. Along with the benefits of concentricity, the square shape of the AeroBushing also results in a lighter weight. With the Firenock “A” nock weighing a little less than 5 grain, and our AeroBushings weighing as light as 7 grain, the back of your arrow will weigh only about 12 grain, almost two-thirds lighter than the average minimum on the market (e.g. a uni-bushing, as aforementioned, of 20 grain and an “S” style nock of ~13 grain has a complete system weight of ~33 grain).