Replacement Nocks


Arguably the most significant feature of the lighted nock system, Firenock’s complete interchangeability is truly what sets it apart from others. Our system boasts four interdependent components—the nock, the circuit, the battery, and the Extreme Shock End Cap. The polycarbonate nocks are not only highly precise and highly light transmissible, but also claim a patented shear lock/release system. This feature allows for the field replacement process to be very simple. When a nock has been shot through an animal or into the earth, it can easily be switched out for a new one after circuit removal. Further, note that all Firenock nock styles—C, D, D2, D3, F, J, M, Q, S, U, V, and Y; A & E; G—are compatible with all Firenock circuits—H, T and I; N & K; Z & 0—respectively.

And, of course, for those who don’t want to shoot a lighted nock but want to take advantage of the advanced design of the Firenock polycarbonate nocks, “plain” nocks in up to nine colors (red, green, clear, blue, orange, yellow, pink, smoke, and wood) are also available.