These components are specifically designed to strengthen the front of an ultra-slim arrow (0.166” ID). 


Once upon a time, outserts were commonly found on the archery market. Why aren’t they now? Put simply, ultra slim arrows were abandoned because they were made in a way that disabled concentricity between an outsert and a shaft. More specifically, this problem arose because an arrow’s [1] outer diameter (OD) and [2] wall thickness were undependable. In the eighties when outserts were still in use, there was unfortunately a general lack of any precision grinding procedures. In 2012 however, with better technology and better manufacturing processes, we felt that it was time to re-introduce the outsert with our Firenock AeroOutsert.

Ultra slim arrows are just that—ultra slim. While the technological leaps made over the past few decades have rendered this class of arrows’ outer diameters finally consistent, wall thicknesses remain irregular. Proof of this are the countless companies that have attempted and failed to create reliable ultra slim inserts or even half-outs, components that depend on wall thickness for inner diameter. Fortunately however, Firenock AeroOutserts only depend on OD. 

Made of high quality, forged 7075-T6 aluminum, AeroOutserts assist in perfecting concentricity and minimizing any perimeter wedging effects with its US patented (# 8668605) “Blood Channels.” Our Blood Channels are a plurality of axial slots which are forged over the outer perimeter of an AeroOutsert, gradually tapering inward towards its center line. And via these unique channels, AeroOutserts relieve most* of the pressure that builds up over time, reducing that wedging effect. 

As of 2022, an improved process of using a higher pressure forging process and finishing with CNC to improve precision.  With these processes, the outer groves of the Patented AeroOutserts Blood-Channel™ are more pronounced and significantly improve on circular restriction pressure relief.  We also left a raw metal finish for the arrow fitting end for the best glue adhesion.  The lettering of the laser marking is also enlarger for easier viewing as some of our older customer's eyes need all the help we can give them.  The first one that got this update is size 6.12.


  • Always use a caliper to confirm that your arrow’s OD is. From batch to batch, for this size arrow, they can be different, which is why we put down the last update date for each shaft we have tested in our facility.
  • As of the fall of 2019, there are sixteen sizes of AeroOutsert due to the addition of the AOA680 and reintroduce of AOA577. See the chart to the right as a reference to discover if we have an out-sert for your ultra-slim arrows.