Balanced vs Extreme FOC #1

Velocity Loss (385gr VS 486gr)


I've been hearing a lot of people talking about what's better a balanced arrow (about 7% FOC) or an arrow with extreme (about 30%) FOC.

People in favour of extreme FOC say that you get better penetration and arrow flight with extreme FOC. If you look at this chart, on lost Velocity, you will see that extreme FOC underperforms a balanced arrow. I think that these pundits of extreme FOC are confusing a heavy, well balanced arrow with a heavy FOC arrow. Yes, a heavy arrow that is BALANCED properly will have better penetration than a light arrow but with extreme FOC, you lose penetration because the fletching can't stabilize the arrow shaft, therefore you get energy loss.

Now before you say that this graph is speed loss and not energy loss, check out the next page...