AeroInsert-H for 0.202" - 0.207" ID Arrows [Light] (12)

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AeroInsert H-L (light weight design) for 0.202-0.207" class ID is specially made to fit  shaft like Firenock AeroWeave 204/204L and is available in many materials and weight. This dual patented design is which provides self-concentricity, reliability, and harmonic dampening to the arrow shafts to address the need for any high-performance archery projectile.

Due to the popularity of this size in recent years and the variation of the ID of this size, we have seen from 0.202" to 0.207". This significant change led us to split this into more refined diffraction. We now make another series of AIH2Lx insert which is meant to fit from 0.204" or larger for an easier and better fit. Thus, the old AIH2Lx will fit and make to install easier for a shaft that is under 0.204" while the new AIH2Lx4 is designed to provide 0.204" and larger ID for a better fit.

AIH20 series of insert use a heavier weight carbon inner tube CTI200, if a ligther weight arrow is desired.

Features of AeroInsert H-L:

  • Self Concentric Technology
  • Double Shoulder Technology
  • Extra-large adhesive surface for strength and stability
  • AeroConcept System ready
  • CNC machined for extra hardness and accuracy
  • Accept ATA 8-32 standard threads field point and broadhead
  • Designed in US Illinois and US Patented (#8337342, and #8403777)
  • Must be used with the lighter weight version of the CTI, CTi20L to function


  • 12 x AeroInsert-H for 0.202"-0.204" ID arrow shafts
    • The following must use CTI20L carbon tube at 4.0GPI in order to function properly
      • AIH2LA - 23gn 7075-T5 Aluminium
      • AIH2LS - 63gn 303Stainless
      • AIH2LT - 33gn GR5 Titanium
      • AIH2LA4 - 19gn 7075-T5 Aluminium
      • AIH2LS4 - 50gn 303 Stainless
      • AIH2LT4 - 30gn GR5 Titanium


  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation
  • Use ACT(Arrow chamfering tool) for perfect self-concentric installation
  • For best result use Firenock (AGUSSE) ultra slow set epoxy for installation


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    Great Company Great Products!

    Posted by Alan Scott on May 24th 2022

    I started shooting Firenocks years ago when I met Dorge at a show in Madison. The Firenocks are outstanding and I can say that about all of his products.