AeroPoints, although a part of the AeroSystem line, are actually also an essential part of the AeroConcept System line as well. Nevertheless, all twenty-two AeroPoints (four not shown, see page 20 for information on the Destroyer Series), equipped with Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology (FACT) are still fantastic additions to any system.

Most archers know aligning a field point or a broadhead and an arrow perfectly is near impossible because the neck and/or threads of a point often aren’t concentric. A hopeful mindset of “good enough” and “acceptable” is adopted. With our Double O-ring System (FACT) (US Patent # 8337341) featured in every AeroPoint, such difficulties and attitudes are a thing of the past. With its specifically positioned O-rings at the slightly under the neck of the arrow point (FACT 2.0) and just above the threads, the installation process will be effortless and flawless every time. Further, with every shot, just like the rest of our AeroSystem components, your point will only lock itself deeper into place, this time via its double O-rings. 

These points were made with specific purposes in mind. For example, the 250 grain, 9mm AeroPoint in stainless was designed for indoor target whilst the 175 grain, 9mm AeroPoint in stainless was designed to match the weight of the Firenock fixed high speed crossbow broadhead, the Traumahawk, for practice use.


Like all Firenock products, AeroPoints, since their introduction in 2012, have all been assigned a unique six character code for help in identification. “AP,” the first two characters, of course, represent the capital letters in “AeroPoint.” And the next three of course stand for the grain weight (e.g. 45-250). The last character however, is perhaps a bit obscure. Exclusively a Firenock design feature, our points come in two insert contact point diameters—6mm (see page 20), 8mm and 9mm. These diameters are based on the width required for a point to sit flush with a compatible insert (note the head end of the AP1758 for example.