EZ-Coil System

Due to many requests for a simpler connection between the battery and the circuit, as of 2014, the dual-loop cross-lock system (above left) has been replaced by our original standard: the EZ-Coil (above center). As its name suggests, the EZ-Coil allows the processes of installation and removal to be easier than ever, involving a simple twist and push/pull motion.

Note that, for the ultra-slim systems which do not have room for the EZ-Coil, the Stack-Coil (above right) have been their standard since their release in 2013.

All Firenock circuits are equipped with the followings:

  • Extreme Shock End Cap System for shock protection
  • A 24K gold-plated aerospace grade quad directional positive end (pin receiver) connector for reliability
  • A 24K gold-plated battery coil positive end (cylinder) connector
  • 24K gold-plated, hermetically sealed "G" Switch (“G-force” or Missile-Arming Technology)
  • US patented Shear Lock/Release System on any nock that fully lock and contains the string serving perfectly
  • 11,000 LUX focus-beam LED for extreme brightness