Brace yourself. Our FAQs are pretty intense. There's a lot of really really useful information here.  To navigate the content, we recommend carefully reading over the FAQ Category List below and then selecting which best suits your needs.  If you end up at a place that doesn't answer your original question—well, free knowledge! (You're welcome.)  

Firenock FAQ: The main Firenock lighted nock system FAQ page. For specification and feature questions not answered on individual product pages, click here or on the link above.

FLNS Troubleshooting FAQ: Whenever something doesn't go as planned or hoped, if you didn't find your answer on the Firenock FAQ page, click here or on the link above to find a solution.

FLNS Modification FAQ: For those who have more...unusual arrows and want to install a Firenock, we might have a modification option for you here or on the link above.

Aerovane FAQ: Aerovane is a complex product that requires a complex and careful installation and use. Click here or on the link above for some clarifications and hints.