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Firenock Aerobolt III-200 (AB3-200) is the ultimate Firenock crossbow solution culminated from everything Firenock has learned from our now decade of crossbow arrow building.  Built for maximum flight stability and speed beyond what any another AeroBolt has achieved, AB3-200 improves on the AB2-200 because of its foundation: the Firenock AeroWeave.  Like the AeroBolts before it, AB3-200 is equipped with AeroConcept System for a variable spine i.e. harmonic dampening.  This proven and multi-patented design allows an AB3-200 to stop flexing soon after it is shot. Further, due to the torsionless design of AeroWeave shafts, any minimal flexing will occur only on a vertical axis, enhancing accuracy to a point never reached before.  


  • Built on the four-layer, double patented carbon weave of the AeroWeave
  • AeroConcept System equipped for less oscillation and a straighter, flatter flight
  • The insert weight shows in the option is based on a 6" CTI and the insert on a 22" arrow, other may vary
  • First dynamic bend indexed for consistent and dependable accuracy
  • Fletched with Aerovane II/III for minimum drag and maximum spin
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System ready for clear and visible flight
  • Installation of XF End cap (optional)
  • Due to higher costs, AB3-200 does not come standard with AeroPoint


  • The main shaft spine rating is 0.200" based on a 28" spread (hence III-200)
  • The main shaft has 0.300" ID and is 11.1 GPI.
  • Carbon Inner Tubes are 7.1 GPI (CTI30L) or 8.5 GPI (CTI300)


  • 3 x AeroBolt III-200 (available from 16" - 26")


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it is part of the AB3-200 manufacturing process.
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System is available for the AeroBolt III-200 in the C, D, D2, D3, F, J, M, Q, U, or V styles.  For reference, the Firenock "D" nock with circuit, battery, and Extreme Shock End Cap will add ~33 grains to an arrow. Visit the Firenock AeroComponent Selector to learn more.
  • For vanes configuration other than standard, when choosing vane colors, the opposite vanes (i.e., first and/or fourth) will be the same color as there are only three color choices.  Any deviation of that will cost $1.00 per color change.
  • For a fully customized build (i.e,. not available from the above options), feel free to contact us.
  • AeroBolts customized via vane color/arrow length are not returnable / refundable.  They can only be exchanged if found to be defective.  For reference, the standard length of Aerobolt III-200 is 22", and standard colors are white/yellow/red.


  • 5
    Firenock AeroBolt III

    Posted by Clyde Hundley on Apr 14th 2023

    Great product

  • 5
    Aerobolt lll 200

    Posted by Jerry Peterson on Oct 24th 2022

    A work of art! A solid build I’d buy again

  • 5

    Posted by Terry Baker on Sep 5th 2022

    This is my first year hunting with a crossbow but I am a past user of Firenock products. The Aerobolt III-200 products are very consistent in weight and build dimensions and this translates into a V(0) at +/- 1 fps and a V(45) at +/- 4 fps as measured over three 3-shot groups using a Labradar. Accuracy is very good and unfortunately I am down to two bolts due to shooting at the same target.

  • 5
    aeroweave arrows

    Posted by joseph b on Oct 13th 2021

    the strongest most accurate arrow on the market

  • 5
    Aerobolt 111

    Posted by Michael cramer on Sep 25th 2021

    These bolts are amazing shoot like lasers firenock products are top notch spend the money once and be happy the customer service is the best.