AeroBolt III-200 for Scorpyd DeathStalker (3) with Pre-Installed Firenock

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The Aerobolt III-200 for Scorpyd DeatheStalker flies straighter and retains more energy than most crossbow arrows available on the market at same launch speed.  AB3-200 for Scorpyd is built to be the new standard bolt for the Scorpyd crossbow.  Unlike the old AeroBolt II set up, no AeroPoint is included in this package.


  • Based on the AeroBolt II-200 shaft
  • AeroConcept System equipped for less oscillation and a straighter, flatter flight
  • First dynamic bend indexed for consistent and repeatable accuracy
  • Fletched with Aerovane II for minimum drag and maximum spin
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System "U" Style installed for clear and visible flight
  • Light weight at about 400[AIH30A] or about 430 [AIH30S] grain with Firenock U  and a 100 grain point as a complete package for maximum reliable performance at long distance


  • 3 x Aerobolt III-200 (pre-installed with AeroInsert [AIH30A] or [AIH30S], Carbon Inner Tube [CTI300] 6.0", Aerovane II [AV2], & Extreme Shock End Caps [XF])
  • 20" specially made for DeathStalker with "U" style nock
  • 1 x U3h-R
    • 3 x Hunting Firenock "U" Style Lighted Nocks in Red
    • 3 x Replacement Nocks in Red
    • 1 x BL Battery (3)


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it becomes apart of the AB3-200 during the manufacturing process.