AeroBolt III-200 20" for Ravin (3) with Firenock End Caps Installed

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The Aerobolt III-200 20" for Ravin flies straighter and retains more energy than most crossbow arrows available on the market at the same launch speed. It comes in 20" length only. For any other length, please review AeroBolt III. 303 Stainless AIH30S option is 32grains heavy than the standard 7075 Aluminum AIH30A and meant for archers who demand/prefer a heavier impact force.


  • AeroBolt III 200 0.001" 20" shaft
  • AeroConcept System equipped for less oscillation and a straighter, flatter flight
  • First dynamic bend indexed for consistent and repeatable accuracy
  • Fletched with Aerovane II with red, yellow and white for minimum drag and maximum spin
  • Firenock Lighted Nock System "U" Style red hunting and red nock for clear and visible flight
  • Pre-installed with XF end cap.
  • Known to fit R10, R26, R5x, R18 with AeroRest or other Ravin model with OEM rests


  • 3 x Aerobolt III-200, which each:
    • pre-installed with AeroInsert [AIH30A] or [AIH30S]
    • mated with 6" carbon inner tube [CTI300]
    • indexed with PAPS
    • three Aerovane II [AV2] fletch with Aerovane Jig in white, yellow, and red (white is the cock vane)
    • pre-installed Extreme Shock End Caps [XF]
  • 3 x AP1009 AeroPoint
  • 1 x U3h-R
    • 3 x hunting circuits in red
    • 6 x red U style nocks)
  • 1 x BL (3 x long shelf life batteries)


  • Firenock AeroConcept System cannot be removed as it becomes a part of the AB3-200 during the manufacturing process.