Custom C+ Style Firenock Lighted Nock System (3) for Ravin 500

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Firenock C+ style lighted nock is designed to work with Ravin 500fps crossbows that have to work with clip-on style nocks. With Firenock C+ style lighted nock 3-pack, a function of the circuits, LED color, and battery to fit one's specific shooting requirement. "C+" style is to fit a crossbow arrow with an Internal Diameter of 0.300" and string serving of 0.127" OD. It is known that some Ravin 500 fps crossbows have string serving OD size closer to 0.133", which C+ style nock will not fit well.  You should use the U+ style nock, designed to fit 0.133" serving instead. Please discuss the ramifications with your bow shop or custom string maker. It is advised to use Aerobolt III as the projectile shaft due to the extreme pressure that is asserted by a 500 fps crossbow.


Based on its polycarbonate namesake but made for extra durability, the Firenock C+ Replacement Nocks take advantage of our patented Square in a Circle Technology for concentricity.  They are made of 6061 Aluminum and anodized with a beautiful orange or green color.  Instead of utilizing the Compression System for a secure fit, a machined open slot allows for circuit installation.

  • To fit most crossbow shafts with a 0.300” ID.
  • To fit string serving with 0.127" OD
  • Available in two colors nock (anodized green, or orange).
  • The full lighted nock system weighs 39 grains.
  • Ready for the only target lighted nock system that is IBO & ASA approved: Firenock “T” circuit.
  • Ready for hunting and intermittent lighted nock systems that stay lit / blink for up to 21 days with a BL battery powering a Firenock “H” / “I” red circuit.

Featured with:

  • Choices of circuit function
  • Choices of nock color
  • Choices of LED color of the light
  • Choices of battery


  • 3 circuits (Hunting / Target / Intermittent)
  • 3 “C+” style nocks
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with the tool
  • 1 Battery 3-pk BR or BL batteries


  • AG0GEL at $6.00 instead of the normal $10.95