Custom A Style Firenock Lighted Nock System (3)

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With a customized Firenock A style lighted nock 3-pack, one can choose a nock color, a function of the circuits, LED color, and battery to fit one's specific shooting requirement. The photo showed an example of a customized "A" style lighted nock 3-pack.

Featured with:

  • Choices of circuit function
  • Choices of nock and LED color to form a specific color of light (What color is best for?)
  • Choices of battery


  • 3 circuits (Hunting / Target)
  • 7 "A" style nocks
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with O-rings
  • 1 Endcap installation tool
  • 1 Batteries 3-pk; click (BR, BL) for detail spec of the two different batteries


  • (AG0GEL) at $6.00 instead of the normal $10.95
  • Extreme shock matched weight pack, click (PAx) for more detail


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    Good product but

    Posted by Mike on Jun 25th 2021

    Everything firenock makes is highly engineered and the price reflects it. This lighted nock system works and is probably the best around, and I’ve done a lot of research and trials. However, you will mess some up installing the shock end caps as there is a definite learning curve. The only other down side is they are very snug on the center serving, I mean VERY snug. I have a VXR with stock zebra strings and I assume the center serving is .021. Every other nock whether brand stock (Easton, black eagle, etc.) or after market (beiter) fits as you would expect. It’s snug enough that your bow shop will notice and it will make two flat edges on your serving after a while. Might even mess up your tune. FIrenock: Please note that all Firenock vertical bow nock are to be fit serving size of 0.110" to 0.125" as stated on all our literature. Please make sure you check your serving size for fit.