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The invulnerable fixed broad-head for high speed crossbows.

Let’s strip back everything that we presume about broad-heads.

A broadhead, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “a flat, pointed arrowhead having sharp edges and made of steel.” Two significant characteristics are mentioned in this definition—pointed and sharp. Interestingly, neither apply to Firenock’s Traumahawk. Often, when the quality of a broadhead is discussed, its ability to pass through an animal is directly correlated to one’s opinion of it. If we apply such a system of thought to the Traumahawk, most people’s opinion would be really low. Why? Because our crossbow broad-head is not meant to “pass through” an animal.

Blunt force trauma. When most hear this phrase the first thing that comes to mind is usually some sort of injury. Such an understanding is definitely relevant here. Blunt force trauma is also known as the “initial trauma.” See, unlike most broadheads that boast how pointed or sharp they are, the Traumahawk is not pointed—its literal “point” is in fact an edge. Designed to working a bit like the Native American’s lethal weapon, the tomahawk, our broadhead is designed to transfer the maximum amount of kinetic energy in the initial or first contact of your arrow to the game. Traumahawk, all in all, is designed indeed not to pass through but to tear through.


Made of solid stainless steel and weighing 175 grain (11.34 grams), the Traumahawk is machined through a high-pressure precision, die-cast process. This casting method results in a much stronger and tougher steel than machined or MIM (Metal Injection Molding) processed pieces of typical bar stock. To ensure concentricity when you are installing Traumahawk on your crossbow bolt, it is also equipped with FACT, which includes the Double O-ring System, on the neck of the Traumahawk.