Dagger 2020 (3)

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Dagger™ is the first one-piece multi-single bevel grind based broad-head with simplicity and durability at the core of the design. (Pat Pend) Dagger is designed to deliver maximum penetration by efficient transfer of kinetic energy to the game without needed excessive power like a crossbow.  The 100, 125, 150, 175, 200 and 250gn are AT standard. i.e. thread plus stem length is 0.775".  The 145, 165, are longer length for those who prefre stronger thread engagement for traditional setup.

Heavyweight and construction
Dagger is made of Stainless steel, then hardened again to 62 HRC.  Dagger 2020 is base on next generation ultra-precision Metal Injection Molding process casting to give it molecular strength.  This process, unlike High pressure Die-cast do not have any variance in final weight, that is why each Dagger weighs +/-1 grain as indicated on the package.

Aerodynamic efficiency and Quiet Flight
Dagger™ is equipped with Dual 40-degree single beveled edges on both sides to maximize self-propel effect when impacting the animal/target.  The majority of the weight of Dagger is on the outer perimeter of the broad-head, so when spinning at high speed, this design will further enhance the Gyro effect for arrow fletched with Aerovane III.  As Dagger is designed to not only transfer energy, and also cut efficiently.  The blade edges of Dagger although are not razor sharp due to its 17 to 32 -degree angle, but one can further sharpen if desired.  With the maximum width of 25mm to 32mm, Dagger is legal to use in any states by diameter and cut size.  Since it is a single piece, it is NOT mechanical; thus it cannot fail.

FACT Technology
To ensure concentricity, Dagger is equipped with FACT™ (Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology, US Patent # 8337341) which the 2 O-rings on the neck of the Dagger makes it self-concentric to the arrow shaft perfectly.

    3 x Dagger broadhead