Stalker AeroStem Dagger (3)

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Firenock Stalker™ AeroStem™ Dagger™ Series

Since 2020, with the introduction of Firenock MIM Daggers, a precision weighted broadhead of +/- 1 grain is now the norm. The hunting world has asked if there can be an even more efficient/lethal way for the 0.166” class arrow to use this besides the AeroOutsert. Our answer to that question is a new Dagger that utilizes our two US Patented Firenock AeroStem technology, aka Stalker series of inserts which includes the Double O-ring System on the stem of the insert to establish perfect concentricity once assembled, every time.
Besides its power, stiffness, and self-concentricity, like all Dagger, SalkerDagger also has the unique variable single beveled edges to maximize its self-propulsion and spinning speed. Furthermore, with most of its weight situated on its outer edge, Dagger compliments our Aerovane III during a gyro spin.
The StalkerDagger is precisely 100 gn, with which one can use the 100 gn StalkerPoint instead of the broadhead for practice. Being a two-bladed broadhead, one should always align the blades at 12 and 6 O-ring/i.e., perpendicular to get the best arrow flight.


  • 3 StalkerDagger Broadhead*