Stalker AeroStem SwingBlade (3)

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Firenock Stalker™ AeroStem™ SwingBlade™ Series

With all the features and benefits of our very successful Swingblade broadhead, we now offer them to be used with our new patent-pending Stalker™ AeroStem™ system for 0.166" class arrow shafts. Two material for the body; 75gn in 7075-T5 Aluminum with hard dozing and 115gn in 303 stainless. As the frontal part of the SwingBlade™ is precisely the same as the standard Swingblade broadhead, you can pick any of the four Swingbalde Blade design: Falcon, Raptor, Talon, and Saber, respectively; this also means the current match rings will also work on this if you so desire. We do recommend to use the 75gn and 115gn Stalker AeroPoint as practice heads.

Deployment Method 

SwingBlade’s blades will only deploy when there has been a change in density—the only thing actually keeping the blades from swinging open is one rubber O-ring!  After contact with something of a different density than air, such as flesh, the blades will open via their hinges which are directly perpendicular to the impact surface. This process of opening overrides the O-ring that originally held the blades tucked.  The hinge pin screws, although extremely tiny in diameter (0.175mm), are critical in this application, which is why we choose to make them from HRC60 CRMO steel. These pins also allow one to easily replace or switch out blades.


  • 3 SwingBlade Systems*
  • 1T6 “L” Key

 *Each system consists of one head, one body, three blades, three screws, and one o-rings (for holding blade down in flight).