E Style Firenock Replacement Nock (7/12/100)

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During the development of the “A” nock, the initial mold was too big.  But before we abandoned it, we received requests for a nock to fit the Easton Epic and the ACC 3-49/390. We slightly modified the mold to have a larger internal diameter of 0.230” ID and has since been known as the “E,” for Epic, style.

To fit most slim diameter carbon shafts with 0.228" - 0.232" ID

With modifications, can fit shafts as small as 0.206" ID

Available in 18 colors / shades (3 nock colors x 6 LED colors)

Full system, on average, weighs only ~23 grains

  • Equipped with US patented Shear Lock/Release System to fit strings with a serving of 0.110" - 0.125" (ideal 0.112")

  • Ready for the only target lighted nock system that is IBO & ASA approved: Firenock “K” circuit

  • Ready for hunting lighted nock systems that stay lit for up to 21 days with a BL battery powering a Firenock “N” red circuit