A Style Firenock Replacement Nocks (7/12/100)

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Firenock “A” is one of the original lighted nock styles. Designed to suit the popular Easton Axis arrow shaft, this particular shape was named “A.”   After excessive testing, its short throat proves better durability in cold weather and in draw weights up to 120 pounds.  At five grains, this shape is the lightest nock of its class.

To fit most slim diameter carbon shafts of 0.202" - 0.204" ID

With modifications, can fit shafts as large as 0.205" ID.

Available in 42 colors / shades (7 nock colors x 6 LED colors)

Full system, on average, weighs only ~21 grains

  • Equipped with US patented Shear Lock/Release System to fit strings with a serving of 0.110" - 0.125" (ideal 0.112")

  • Ready for the only target lighted nock system that is IBO & ASA approved: Firenock “K” circuit

  • Ready for hunting lighted nock systems that stay lit for up to 21 days with a BL battery powering a Firenock “N” red circuit


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    Posted by Steven Aaen on Jan 14th 2021

    Handsdown the best nock on the market, everyone of them I've used fits perfectly and has the right tension on the string when pulling them off. Not to much not to little the goldilocks fit is what I would call it. When the sun hits them, they light right up, stick in the actually lightednock part and they are insanely bright even in the daylight. I won't use any other nocks anymore, I have a small supply of these in the shaft sizes I use.on hand at all times.