D2 Style Firenock Replacement Nock (7/12/100)

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Firenock “D2” was made for those who own a PSE TAC10 or TAC15 and want a reliable lighted nock but do not use a standard TAC arrow but a standard crossbow arrow (0.300” ID). This nock is practically identical to the “D” nock except for its slightly larger size.

To fit crossbows with a 0.165" serving and arrows with a 0.300" ID with triggers / anti-dry-fire (ADF) systems that require a long-pronged design.

Available in 18 colors / shades (3 nock colors x 6 LED colors)

Full system, weighs ~32 grains

  • Ready for the only target lighted nock system that is IBO & ASA approved: Firenock “T” circuit

  • Ready for hunting and intermittent lighted nock systems that stay lit / blink for up to 21 days with a BL battery powering a Firenock “H” / “I” red circuit