Picatinny Rail for 2016-18 Scorypd Crossbows (excluding DeathStalker)

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The first custom upgrade to the original foregrip is the tactical track rail.  There are two upgrade options available to cover all Scorpyd Series Crossbows.  Both rails consists of a full rail that covers the entire front lower part of a Scorpyd Crossbow and also boast a 5/16-24 thread hole for those who are looking to put a stabilizer system on their decked-out crossbow. The difference between the two options is that the rail for the 2016-18 models come with two titanium screws to fit the barrel perfectly and weight only 1.7 oz, while the rail for the DeathStalker only comes with one due to the style’s lack of a protruded riser. Also, due to this lack, a trigger block was added to the Deathstalker version.

Note : Due to the fact that both Picatinny Rail upgrades require the removal of the factory trigger guard, the purchase of a custom Firenock Skeletonized Aluminum Trigger Guard is necessary.