Y Style


  • Fit crossbow arrow shafts with 0.295" ID
  • Sample list of Firenock "Y" style compatible arrows:
    • Carbon Express: Aramid KV® Crossbow Arrow, Maxima® KV Hunter Crossbow Arrow, Hunter Crossbow Arrow, Maxima® Mayhem Crossbow Arrow, Pile Driver Crossbow Arrow, Surge Crossbow Arrow, CX™Crossbow Arrow
    • Easton: FMJ Crossbow Arrow]
    • Gold Tip: Laser II Kinetic, Laser IV (shave off all ridges to fit)
    • Horton: Savage RD (2102, by Carbon Express), Lightning Strike™ (2012 by Carbon Express), Bone Collector™ (2012 by Carbon Express), BoneCrusher™ (2012 by Carbon Express)
    • Parker: Crossbow Arrow (by Carbon Express), Red-hot Crossbow Arrow
    • Vapor: Crossfire Crossbow Across (shave off all ridges to fit)