Target Circuit for "C/D/D2/D3/F/J/M/Q/S/U/V/Y" Styles (3)

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The standard style includes twelve nocks, the "C", "D", "D2", "D3", "F", "J", "M", "Q", "S", "U", "V", and "Y" nocks, the "T" circuit for Target, i.e. auto shut ion 17 seconds after activation.

"T" Standard Circuit to fit shafts with 0.246" or larger IDs

  • Available in 6 LED colors
  • Weighs ~10 grains
  • Utilizes a three stage logic on/off system in activation/deactivation
  • Utilizes patented shear lock/release system to secure the circuit to the nock
  • Equipped with EZ-Coil battery connection system (i.e. the circuit wraps around the battery and must be installed/removed via a counter clockwise rotation at all times)