D2 Style Hunting Firenock Lighted Nock System (3)

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FIRENOCK "D2" style Hunting lighted nock for standard arrow D23h-R to fit crossbow arrow with Internal Diameter of 0.300" and string serving of 0.165+/-0.05"

(D2=D2 style nock, 3=3 pack, h=hunting, R=Red LED)


  • 3 "H" series hunting circuits in red
  • 6 "D2" style nocks same as LED color
  • 3 Extreme Shock End Caps with O-rings
  • 1 End Cap Installation tool
  • Batteries with O-rings 3-pack ($10.95)
  • AG0GEL: End cap installation super glue GEL ($4.95 off when purchasing as a set)
  • Extreme Matched Weight 3-pack ($4.95 off when purchasing as a set)
  • Gel type super glue (e.g. Firenock AG0GEL, sold separately) is recommedned to successfully install Extreme Shock  End Cap