Aerovane Jig Bare Set

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The Aerovane Jig Bare Set is for those who want a portable precision fletching jig at an attractive price.  The bare set contains Aerovane Jig body with 3 index, 1 fixed chuck and 1 slide hook at your choice. The Jig body can sit on the workbench horizontally by itself and leveling can be checked by its built in water level.

The Aerovane Jig Bare Set is just a starting point.  It can be upgraded and customized according to your requirement with optional accessories such as laser alignment module, Aerovane clamp, adjustable chuck, adjustable hook, base, 4-way adjustable neck and production neck etc.


  • 1 x Aerovane jig body with 3 index (optional 7 index available)
  • 1 x Fixed chuck (optional adjustable chuck available)
  • 1 x Slide hook (optional adjustable hook available)


For your choice of chuck and hook, please check your arrow ID (Internal Diameter) and then choose the specific chuck and hook (see table below).

Arrow ID



0.200" - 0.205" (Axis arrow)

0.202”-0.235” (Red hook)

0.202”-0.205” (A)

0.240" - 0.248" (Standard arrow)

0.240”-0.248” (Black hook)

0.240”-0.248” (S)

0.297" - 0.303" (Standard crossbow)

0.297”-0.303” (Gold hook)

0.297”-0.303” (C,D,F,J,V, Q)