Aerovane Jig Clamp

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With Aerovane Clamp, perfectly straight fletching is made possible. A lot of magnetic based clamps are currently available for sale on the market however none of them can satisfy today’s archers with excellent fletching results. In response, Firenock built Aerovane Clamp. Though initially seemingly similar, Aerovane Clamp is actually made of high precision die-cast 303 Stainless Steel and then machined with a straightness of at least 0.001”. For the pivot point, our clamp has two ABEC#5 ceramic ball bearings installed for smooth operation, precision, and durability. Compared to other clamps, it is shorter, but this is to fit today’s popular short vanes (as long as 3.7”). Finally, of course, our clamp in the only one that can successfully fletch Aerovane due to the two 1/16” bars machined into its body to grip our vanes by the wind channel at a perfect perpendicular angle.

Note : Aerovane Clamp is a straight clamp, and can do offset fletching via our slide hooks, but cannot do helical fletching.


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    Posted by Levi on Dec 1st 2022

    Must have if using aero vane. Which you should be.