AeroSystem is one of our two lines of AeroComponents, involving five patents worth of technology for four unique products: AeroBushing, AeroOutsert, AeroInsert-A, and AeroPoint.  Note that none of these components work with Carbon Inner Tubes to create the AeroConcept System for harmonic oscillation; to learn more, click here.

AeroBushing (ABU)

Loaded with Square in a Circle Technology (US Patent # 8,591,152) and Reverse Tapered “Umbrella” Collar Technology (US Patent # 9,212,875), AeroBushings address the need for ultra lightweight and consistent archery projectiles on the nock side. 

AeroOutsert (AOA)

Equipped with unique Blood Channels (US Patent #8,668,605) and dependent only on the outer diameter (OD) of an arrow, AeroOutserts assist in perfecting concentricity and minimizing any perimeter wedging effects.

AeroInsert-A (AIA)

While there are currently two types of AeroInserts, AeroInsert-A is a great standalone component boasting Reverse Tapered Shoulder Technology (US Patent # 8,403,777) for consistent weight and pressure distribution.  NOT compatible with AeroConcept System.

AeroPoint (AP)

A part of both the AeroSystem and AeroConcept System lineups, every one of our AeroPoints feature Firenock Arrow Concentric Technology (FACT, US Patent # 8,337,341) and are fantastic additions to any system.