F (C/D/D2/D3/J/M/Q/U/V) Style Extreme Shock End Cap (3)

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XF Firenock Extreme Shock End Cap packs are custom accessory or replacement packs for 10 styles of Firenocks; C/D/D2/D3/F/J/M/Q/U/V Style lighted nocks.  With installation of extreme shock end cap, your Firenock lighted nock will be able to shoot into hard object: cinder block, rock and most dried out hard wood without being destroyed and your Firenock will stay "Bright Lit".
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with O-rings
  • 1 installation tool
  • Gel type super glue (e.g. Firenock AGOGEL, sold separately) is needed to successfully install Extreme Shock End Cap.
  • Clean arrow shaft with acetone before installation of End Cap.
  • Put glue into your cleaned arrow shaft (do not put glue on End Cap / Tool).
  • Insert End Cap with tool straight (rotate slightly may need) into the arrow shaft.