Custom U Style Firenock Lighted Nock System (3)

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With a customized Firenock U style lighted nock 3-pack, one can choose a nock color, a function of the circuits, LED color, and battery to fit one's specific shooting requirement. The photo showed an example of a customized "U" style lighted nock 3-pack.

Featured with:

  • Choices of circuit function
  • Choices of nock and LED color to form a specific color of light (What color is best for?)
  • Choices of battery


  • 3 circuits (Hunting / Target / Intermittent)
  • 7 "U" style nocks
  • 3 extreme shock end caps with O-rings
  • 1 Endcap installation tool
  • 1 Batteries 3-pk; click (BR, BL) for detail spec of the two different batteries


  • (AG0GEL) at $6.00 instead of the normal $10.95
  • Extreme shock matched weight pack, click (PUx) for more detail


  • 5
    New to Firenocks 2022 - BEST Illuminated Nock on the market!

    Posted by Eric Baldwin on Aug 20th 2022

    I’ve used a couple different illuminated nocks with my bow and crossbow - but after I tried Firenocks - These are the best! I like how the assemble, how they go in and stay put in the arrow (they do not rely on sliding in the arrow to work) I like that the switch to turn them on and off is all electronic and sealed inside the Arlie - and how you turn them off is so easy! Luv these Firenocks! Great product!

  • 4
    U nocks

    Posted by David Shuberg on Dec 2nd 2021

    Great fit and easy to install. Would like to have had a small bottle of glue (extra charge) because I don’t need a big bottle for 3-6 nocks.

  • 5
    Firenocks style

    Posted by Dante Spataro on Oct 20th 2021

    Was able to install these on the ravin factory arrows.. easy to follow instructions…. Very happy with brightness, ease of use as well as down range accuracy. Great product

  • 5
    U style lighted Firenocks

    Posted by William Rose on Jun 23rd 2021

    Firenocks work great and are quite easy to install. Haven't shot it from my Ravin R26 yet , but so far so good. Would recommend them to other hunters.