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Target archers who use 0.166" class shafts and prefer not to use outserts have few alternatives past glue-in points.  This is unfortunate because when a field point eventually becomes bent or damaged, the arrow becomes unusable.  While others try to avoid that damage through the use of more durable tungsten points, their price at $200 to upwards of $400 per dozen makes this an impractical alternative.  At Firenock we have taken a entirely different approach, one we call the “stem system” aka the Stalker Series.  Together, the Stalker AeroInserts (SIA/H) and interchangeable Stalker AeroPoints (STP) mate seamlessly with a 0.166” class shaft.

The Stalker Series includes two insert versions: the Stalker AeroInsert-A (SIA) and The Stalker AeroInsert-H (SIH).  Together, they utilize up to three patents.  Every insert is equipped with our reverse tapered shoulder for durability as well as our patent-pending dual O-ring for perfect concentricity.  The addition of our patented double shoulder on our SIHs allow for use with AeroConcept tubes.  Installation with a CTI160 will result in a shaft with greatly reduced oscillation ( i.e. less energy waste) as well as a stronger frontal end.

For those who love the simplicity of our AeroSystem components, our SIAs are great upgrades.  Including the aforementioned technologies, the Stalker inserts, even at their small size, are hollow for a light weight and easy Firenock lighted nock system installation.  Their hollow shape is only made possible due to a new EDM drilling process, making a 0.5mm hole through the entire insert.  Finally, for those for a quick transition into hunting season, our two-part system allows for replacement with most broadheads.


Currently offered components are built to fit 0.166" ID class shafts.  Examples of popular arrows with a 0.166" ID include the Firenock AeroWeave166, the Black Eagle Deep Impact or X-Impact, the Carbon-Express Maxima SD, the Element Storm, and the Easton Injexion.  Firenock Stalker AeroInserts and Stalker AeroPoints are made with 420 hardened stainless steel, all have an outer diameter of about 7.2 mm. SIH00S weight at 38gn each.  In terms of final upfront weight, the Stalker AeroPoints come in eight weight sizes: 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 100 and 115 grains and CTI166 is at 3 GPI.

Pack includes:

  • 12 420 SS inserts
  • 24 M3.0x1.0 N70 O-rings