PAPS Vibration Module

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For some shafts, it is necessary to have some assistance finding the first dynamic bend. With the help of the PAPS Vibration Module, by lowering the initial friction while simultaneously adding energy to the system, we can better locate the most defined “valley.” To expand, while some shafts may have more than one “valley,” some may have one that you can’t even find. With the Vibration Module, by amplifying only the “valleys” themselves and minimizing everything else, you can more easily pinpoint the first dynamic bend.

The Vibration Module’s casing is of CNC machined brass. Inside the metal casing, it has a digital component to control the operation timer and the vibrating frequency of the micro-motor. To operate the vibration module, you need only to press the red button located on the bottom side of the casing. With that one push, a short wave of vibration is added to the system. Requires AAA batteries, not included.