PAPS Digital Gauge Module

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The PAPS Digital Gauge Module is an optional accessory for the PAPS designed to provide accurate and reliable spine deflection readings.  Use the zero reference suppore for even finer measurement.  Now, you can identify which of your arrows have similar deflection values with confidence.

  1. Mounting Arm : Made of CNC machined aluminum, it is securely mounted on the tower with two mounting screws equipped with O-ring retainers. The digital gauge is mounted on the arm itself by a stainless tightening nut.
  2. Digital Gauge : Inserted by the gauge tip through the top of the tower, it can measure the deflection of your arrow easily and reliably. It is equipped with a large, easy-to-read LCD display and the reading can be set to “hold / memory / zero”. Modes include inch (e.g.. 0.0005”), metric (e.g. 0.1mm), fraction (e.g. 1/64”). The 40mm plunger is made of GR5 Titanium for accurate measurement. The meter is powered by long lasting common 3V CR2032 batteries and it will auto shut off after five minutes of inactive operation.
  3. Zero Reference Support : To provide a reliable zero reference point before measurement, this accessory is available. Made of CNC machined aluminum, this device, as its name suggests, is to be placed beneath your shaft to support it so it becomes parallel to the support rollers for zeroing the digital gauge.
  4. Brass Weight : The brass weight is machined to provide constant weight to act on your shaft, thus allowing you to measure the deflection (stiffness) of different shafts. With the brass weight installed, the system resembles 1.92lb (880g) of total pressure when suspended from the center of a 28 inch (0.71 m) arrow shaft, as is the standard method for such measurements via the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F203105.