Aerovane Jig/PAPS Laser Alignment Module

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Aerovane Jig laser alignment module is a high precision piece of device. With this accessory, you can use Aerovane Jig to refletch your arrow easily with extreme accuracy.  The laser alignment module does not produce an ordinary laser point, the advanced optics inside the laser head instead produces a straight ultra thin laser line.  The laser line is meant to shine on your arrow and vane so you know whether your setting is accurate or not while refletching.  With laser alignment module, you can refletch one vane as precise as under 1/4 of a degree.


1 Laser alignment module


  • The laser alignment module cannot be used with Aerovane Jig Production Neck.
  • Batteries (3 x AAA) are not included.


Photo shown how perfect the red laser line can align with the arrow and vane.