Black Eagle Executioner with Aerovane (3)

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Black Eagle Executioner (BBE) 0.001" straightness up to 22" with 80 grain brass insert , Aerovane, and optional AeroPoint.

Features of BBE from Firenock:

  • BEE is NOT spine indexed (cock feather is aligned with the label)
  • Fletched with Aerovane™ II / Aerovane™ III (1 white, 2 red)
  • Firenock lighted nock system ready (optional)
  • AeroPoint equipped (optional)
  • AeroInsert-A™ in stainless 92gn (optional)

Technical specification:

  • Main shaft spine rate is 0.200" base on a 28" spread
  • Main shaft is 9.00 grain per inch


  • 3 BBE arrows (available up to 22")


  • If you choose to have Firenock lighted nock with your order, you can choose C, D2, D3, F, J, M, U, Q, and V style.  For your reference, Firenock D2 with extreme shock end cap, battery and circuit will add 33 grain to the arrow. Please call (815) 780-1695 for more details.
  • Custom vane color are not returnable / refundable due to their custom nature.  They can only be exchanged if they are found to be defective.  Standard lengths of BBE  200 are 20" and 22".